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Ever have a rush meal? If not, try this fun and exciting new game "Rush Meal"!! Help this hungry, hungry frog eat as many flies as possible!! But watch out for the power cord! You don't want it to be his last meal, right?

Rush Meal

Mobile Game / Feb 2016


It's the first project I participated when I started working at Orangenose Studio. On my team, there were only three people, the producer, the coder, and the designer. We called it a "ninja team". As my first project, I was pretty excited that I was about to create a mobile game with others from the beginning. The game was meant to design for people who like Flappy Bird and also for me to practice.


Like the name of the game, we were pretty rushed. We only have one and a half week to finish the demo. I was asked to draw up a draft design for the interface in one day. Although I was under quite some pressure, it was really fun and interesting to brainstorm the details and some gameplay ideas with the producer and the coder. I really felt like we were nurturing a baby and we couldn't wait to see the day it grows up.

I was pretty glad that I could still use my animation skill to show the coder what kind of effects and motions I wanted so that he could make it in Unity. 


Eventually, we finished the demo and released it on Google Play. The unfortunate part was that our boss didn't think that this game would profitable so he shut down the project. Still, my teammates and I still discussed what this game could be if we kept working on it. Maybe one day we will restart the project. This time it's for love, not for the profit.

The early concept of the frog.


As I mentioned before, I  made some short animations to show the coder the effects and motions I wanted. He and I both agreed that it helped the process a lot since he didn't have to imagine what I meant. Instead, he knew when the motions started and how the value of each movement.


Eating animation



Game opening animtion

App icon brainstorming


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