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A Weird Boy with A Thirst for Stories

"Quirky" is usually the first word that pops up in your mind once you get to know George. Well, you are not wrong at all.


Growing up in the capital city of Taiwan, he never feels like he belongs in a concrete jungle. Not until his mother read him his first bedtime story, did he find a sense of belonging in the world of pure imagination. It's the infinite possibilities which the imagination holds that fascinated him the most. Therefore, he collects stories. Stories with unexpected twists. Stories with magic and wonders. Time after time, he is no longer content with "normal". He would always wonder "what would happen if things went a different way?". And that, my friend, is the moment when people say "man, you're quirky.". 


Now, he started to create stories of his own with the gift to animate graphics that is bestowed upon him. "What kind of story it will be?", you asked? The only thing I can tell you is that it won't be normal. No, it won't.

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