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With dedication and profession, even a YouTuber can bring a tasty traditional Taiwanese to you.

AmoGood Pineapple Cake

Client: AmoGood

Motion Graphics / Graphic Design

Motion Graphics / 1:20 min / Mar 2018


In this project, I had one crucial task besides animated the text, to animate the logo. Now, I had a few obvious choices such as slide-in, fade-in, or scale-up. However, that would be tedious and it wouldn't match the luxurious image the client wanted to present. So I decided to connect the product, pineapple cake, to the motion. It wasn't so hard to take the logo apart since Chinese characters consist of many strokes. The challenging part was to construct a pineapple with given dismantlable strokes. The process was a long fight. Nevertheless, I had fun with the composition and the result does look stunning. 

Screen Shot 2020-08-14 at 11.01.26
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