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What is normal? The dictionary defines the term 'normal' as something conforming to a standard; usual, typical, or expected. Then comes the question, who set the standard? Whose action is typical and expected? The answer, the majority. Yes, you back there, a good question. Who is the majority then? According to the current population distribution, Asians, are the. majority. Therefore, whatever an Asian doesn't do, should be considered, abnormal.

Asian Normality

Script / Storyboard / Graphic Design

Motion Graphics

Motion Graphics / 3:01 min / Oct 2019


Growing up as a geeky, nerdy, quirky, and closeted kid, many people have found my behaviors or interests weird and unusual. They didn't mind pointing it out to my face as well. This phenomenon already happened when I was with people who share the same culture and virtual value back in Taiwan. Now, imagine how often it would be when I was studying aboard with people different cultures, upbringings, and general knowledge. Welcome to the George Freak Show, ticket and food sold separately. No flash photography, please.

At the beginning of my second year of the master's, I started my art practice of employing art and humor to express my true opinion. Having this bottle-up oppression for years, I knew right away that a motion graphics about the definition of normality was something I would like to work on.

The inspiration behind the idea "Whatever Asian does should be considered the new normal" was from an Asian-American stand-up comedian talking about Asian stereotypes, specifically the size of an Asian penis. Surprise, surprise.


I took the chance to brush up the film production which I didn't take out of the drawer since my enrolment in the master program. The concept is to make a simple animated infographic to deliver the message. Therefore, there are not many decorative elements or a complicated color scheme.

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