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Creative concept / Visual Development / Graphic design / Motion graphic design /Storyboard / Social media content

Begin your renovation with Bouwbakkie

When George was first deployed in Crowdmedia, Bouwbakkie's contentcampagne was the first test it went through. It was aimed to test its creativity, graphic design, as well as motion graphic design. Not only the result was more than Crowd expected, but it also set a foundation for the guideline of Bouwbakkie's brand identity.


Client: Bouwbakkie

2021 April

AE Logo.jpg


As I mentioned before, Bouwbakkie was the first project I worked on when I just started working at Crowdmedia. I have never worked in a content marketing agency before. Therefore, things such as brand guide identity, different formats for social media, and different phases of strategy were all very new to me. Luckily my art director Ynze and my colleague Ashok were guiding me step by step. Thankfully, Bouwbakkie was also only at the beginning stage of developing its brand identity and Ashok was the designer that worked on it. I was given a lot of space and freedom to play around with the visuals and animation style because there was only one rule, Bouwbakkie had to be in isometric style. 

It was also my first time developing different variations. The strategists had already told me and Ynze that there were four UPS. All we needed to do was to create a format that was suitable for all. 

Google Display

2021 - Bouwbakkie - Bannertjes_300x600_2x.jpg
2021 - Bouwbakkie - Bannertjes_250x250_2x.jpg
2021 - Bouwbakkie - Bannertjes_300x250_2x.jpg
2021 - Bouwbakkie - Bannertjes_320x100_2x.jpg
2021 - Bouwbakkie - Bannertjes_728x90_2x.jpg
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