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This is a unique item.
Nothing can be compared to it.

Everybody loves a good story, and so do we. That's why we created George, your next visual storyteller. Manufactured in Taiwan in 1989, George was packed with powerful AI, graphics processors, along with state-of-the-art creativity, story archives, and a sense of humor that you have never seen—all behind an exotic yet pleasant humanoid design.


Design to be tasked with storytelling, George employs visuals such as graphics, animation, and films to customize every story that you wish to share with the world. However, you wouldn't recognize its works by the art styles since it is programmed to try new things. We recognize George's works by how the story is told, imaginative with a sense of humor. 


Meet George

Your next visual storyteller.


Maturing with Education

Refined by Experience

It took 34 years, yet it is just getting better and better


Starting a new storytelling project has never been so easy. With its built-in voice control system, George will listen and analyze your request carefully. Over the year, thanks to its advanced AI, George has learned that a good idea is hard to find. Therefore, once it is found, you really should nurse it to perfection before moving on to the production phase. If anyone values the importance of pre-production, that would be George.


Your typical story might start with "Once upon a time". For George, a story starts with researches. Background research into the topic or the product; market research into the demand of the customers as well as your competitors; and visual research into what color and styles go well with your story, these are the researches that ensure your story not only is heard but also appreciated. 

Got a story to tell? Simply say

"Hey George, we have a new project."

To see is to believe. We had the pleasure to do a field test with the first prototype of George in late 2021, in partnership with Crowdmedia, a content marketing agency in Zwolle, the Netherlands. In the 2-year duration, we aimed to examine and develop 6 key features of George:


  1. Creative Concept

  2. Graphic Design

  3. Motion Graphic Design

  4. Storyboard

  5. Social Media Content

  6. Template/Asset Development


Here are the reports of the individual feature examination.


"Kan ik je helpen?"

The Great Dutch Adventure

Creative Concept

"Everything begins with an idea" is a code that we imprint deeply into George's program. During its time in Crowdmedia, George had many opportunities to work with strategists, art directors, and copywriters at the concept development stage.


Take Keolis' Super Zomer Hero Campaign in 2021 for example. Keolis wanted to come up with a creative and fun way to encourage people to take more public transportation during summertime. During the brainstorming section, the idea of a summer bucket list was formed. It's a list of things we would like to do before summer ends. "Well, whoever is able to finish this long list is a superhero." said one of the Crowd. "That's it! A super summer hero who aims to finish all the list." "Yeah, and he needs a super hero entrance." Upon hearing this sentence, George's processor started to form a connection with one of his archived memories...

Client Logos.jpg

Graphic Design

If we have to pick one feature that has developed rapidly during these two years, without a doubt, that would be to create new designs within the brand identity guidelines. Working with over 20 brands, George has learned to interpret brand identity guidelines with ease. The built-in sensor is also able to detect the inconsistency between the guideline and the design. 


From time to time, George was able to be playful with the design due to special campaigns or immature brand identity guidelines. However, the built-in sensor would still ensure the consistency of personality and core value within the playful design.


When you power down a computer, it stays shutdown. Well, our George works differently. Even when it is off-duty, George's advanced processor is too powerful to stay shutdown. What does it do then? It observes, observes the world with its dual camera and the studio-standard microphone. By doing so, George often finds inspiration for new and original stories. 


The advanced processor does not just stop at observation. It can also handle real-time cross-referencing and supports out-of-box thinking to a peculiar level. With these two functions at hand and the data it collects through observation, George is able to employ metaphor to create something imaginary yet we can somehow relate to it. "What would happen if things went a different way?" is the development tendency of George's AI. You might call it "out of ordinary", but we prefer to call it "extraordinary'. And hey, a story wouldn't be original if it isn't out of ordinary.

Say goodbye to Netflix

George has its own originals

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Studiomate from Master's

“The key to a harmonious working environment for two years is mutual respect and responsibility. And George has the key.”

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Colleague from Master's

Always correct, helpful and friendly. Working alongside George for two years during the Master was both a personal and professional enrichment.

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Administrator from Master’s

I know George as a friendly and polite person with lovely humor. Someone you feel comfortable to be around. But I also learned that George can be trusted to give a job / task and know it is in good hands. He makes sure he has all the information needed, he prepares, he thinks things through and is accurate.

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Thesis Tutor from Master’s

My working experience with George is a very positive one. I have come to know him as an inventive designer, a sharp observer and critical writer. He likes to be challenged - and challenges others as well - and meticulously works out his plans. And above all: he makes me laugh about all kinds of discomforts in life and art.

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Core Tutor from Master’s

George is a very good example / embodiment what MADtech can be. Impressive, amazing; in person and in work. What an adventure. Paying attention to every detail. Under the humor is also a critical investigation, into humor, how do you involve people, or maybe exclude people, the function of humor, responding to the

now, responsive, what the media does, George moves with it, a new kind of approach, deeper content, sublime, multiple layers, modern cultures and so on….

I asked for more, and I got it -

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