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In life, we have never stopped waiting for something. When there is an expectation, there is bound to be a period of waiting. However, do you remember each of them? Can you feel any difference with the time-flow during the period?

Wait For It

Filming / Motion Graphics

Parody Trailer

2:11 min / Dec 2018


1.5During my master's study, I was working with others on an experiment about experiencing the passage of time. After a brainstorming session, we came to the conclusion that people feel the presence of time more vividly while waiting. Therefore, we design to conduct an interactive experience to feel the presence of time. 

We made people wait.


During the brainstorming, we also discovered that the higher the expectation is, the stronger we feel the presence of time. It also makes the time passes slower. Therefore, before the premiere, we announced the news of movie production. We also deliberately shot the footage at places with heavy traffic around the campus. Prior to the premiere day, we upload some behind-the-scene videos and the trailer on social platforms and campus signages. On the premiere day, we rented the auditorium and displayed the trailer on the wall. People lined up for the entrance, looking excited. Only to be rejected by our members due to constant occurrences of "technical difficulties".  After 30 mins of waiting, the crew came out and took a bow. To our surprise, people were not made and they figured out what was going out after the last rejection of entrance. They were quite satisfied with the experience of time.

Everything was done after actors typed in ""

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