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With the development of technology, people track everything. They track their heart rate, daily steps, sleep quality, and workout routine.  Now thanks to DrinkUp, you can also track your habit of drinking water with a stylish water bottle. We all know the importance of staying hydrated.


Client: Chanson Water

Creative Direction / Design / Animation

Motion Graphics / 1:44 min / Dec 2016


At the first part of the video, we used motion graphics alongside live-action footage to show what DrinkUp bottle is capable of. For the second part of the video, we created a short animation to focus on two unique features of DrinkUp bottle that could not be demonstrated on the live-action footage. 


The aim of the motion design was to fit the clean, simple and high-tech aesthetic of DrinkUp bottle. Therefore we created simple graphics and used just white as the main color while embellished with the brand colors.


We also used a transition to seamlessly connect reality to fictional scene and animation. The overall success was to show the viewer that how natural it is to have DrinkUp bottle in your daily life and how it can improve your habit of drinking water.

proposal for the layouts of motion graphics
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