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I have a big and strong nose. It can be a trumpet and it can be a hose. My skin is as thick as a wall. During the winter, I ain't cold. I like playing with water and dance in the rain I make. I am an elephant and this is my song.

Elephant Song

Client: Momo TV

Design / Animation

2D Animation / 3:13 min / Sep 2015


Since “Elephant’s Song” is a music video for kids, I used various bright colors to establish a cheerful and playful atmosphere. With the surroundings in half-saturated colors, I painted the elephant vibrant purple. Not only did it make the elephant stand out, but it also added a little touch of fanciful to the video. As for the illustration style, I chose vector graphics instead of freehand drawings which is a typical choice for children's educational animations in Taiwan. I wanted to create a diversity in that industry so children could be exposed to different art styles.

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