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It's the time of the year again! Family and friends gather around to celebrate the Moon Festival. We eat mooncakes. We wear pomelo hats. Most important of all, we stare at her up in the sky, together. And we are thankful for this moment.

Happy Moon Festival

2D Animation / 0:19 min / Sep2014


During my first job, I developed an interest in motion graphics, especially the morphing effect which is commonly seen in motion graphics. One day, I came upon a video called “I Love Camping”, a short motion graphics using morphing effect as a transition method throughout the animation. Fascinated by this video, I had the urge to make a similar video as a practice.

And since it was around mid-autumn, I decided to make a Moon Festival themed animation. 

Reference Video


I chose flat design as the art style of the illustration. It's not only easier to process for the morphing effect but an art style I've grown fond of.  In an attempt to create a harmonious and cheerful atmosphere, I used mostly half saturated colors on the graphics and orange-yellow as the background color. 

Round is an important symbol for Moon Festival. It’s the shape of the moon, Additionally, it represents the concept of reunion and unity in Chinese culture. Therefore I picked out those customs which involves round shaped items as the main scenes and make them the main scenes. Coincidentally, it also made the morphing effects easier to achieve. 

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