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"It takes a whole village to raise a child". Indeed, babies are cute but they also need constant attention. You never know if they have a full diaper or a severe fever. All you know is that they can't stop crying. Not anymore! With Temp Pal, let's turn a bundle of work, into a bundle of joy.


Client: iweecare

Creative Direction / Script

Story Board /Animation

2D Animation / 1:44 min / Jul 2017


To find a connection between the product and the target audience, I had to understand both of them first. Take the first video for example. The target audience was women planning for pregnancy. I found out that in order to know the precise moment of the beginning of ovulation period, you had to wake up early in the morning to take a 5-minute temperature measurement. Imagine doing that for one to two months continuously. That was the problems I identified and the problem that the product could solve, hence the connection.


Once I found the connection, I could then develop a story based on that connection. The strategy of the storytelling was to point out the problem at the very beginning to catch the attention of the potential customer, creating a resonation. Then we introduced the product to the audience with its pros to keep their attention. Lastly, in an attempt to seal the deal, I showed them how their situation could be improved with the product. 



To establish a warm and harmonious atmosphere, we created a style with simple graphic outlines while highlighted the details with mid-saturated colors. The animation was designed to be fun and lovable so we gave Temp Pal several humanlike behaviors such as writing a note or dancing. The overall success was that the viewer can comprehend the message that we sent in a relaxing mood.

style reference "What Is Dropbox

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