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All aboard the party bus

Every once in a while, Keolis would work with Crowdmedia to create a video for various purposes, whether it's promotions or raising awareness. Each video was a great opportunity to test the power of the creative generator within George, as well as its storyboard ability. Sometimes, its acting chip might even make an unexpecting sparks

Content Plus

Client: Keolis

Creative Concept / Motion graphic design / Storyboard


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"So, this is how I imagine it"

When a briefing of Keolis' content plus project arrives, it usually contained only two things: the goal and the concept story. Then it was time to discuss with the man behind the concept, Mark Joost. I would get much information that was not in the briefing out of him, as well as test some ideas for scenes with him. The photographer wiould also be involved in this stage to make sure the scenes in our head are doable within our budget and equipment. Then I would dive into the storyboard sketching process. Once the storyboard was finished, we would gather around to arrange the order of the scenes and eliminate or add some parts to make the message clear.  In the end, we would present them to the clients. In most cases, it helped a lot for the client to understand the whole story when we went through the storyboard together. 

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