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Nice weather, isn't it?

Summer comes, summer goes and then fall sure follows. After an amazing summer campaign, hand in hand, Crowd dived right into autumn with Keolis. For this campaign, Crowd aimed to take light on Dutch's famous moody autumn weather. This time, it's gonna blow your mind.


Client: Keolis

Creative concept / Visual Development / Graphic design / Motion graphic design /Storyboard / Social media content

2021 Oct

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"And we are walking, we are smiling"

When the art director proposed to make stop-motion videos for this campaign, I was excited about the idea immediately because I have always wanted to try stop-motion animation for a long time. Due to the involvement of green screens, the photographer and I worked closely together during the pre-production to discuss how the animation will be made and how the photoshoot should be made. A storyboard was made as well. On the day of the photoshoot, Mark Joost (concept) and I were also at the set to make sure that the models do the right poses and that the photos were workable later for the animation. In the end, we had quite a lot of fun and the results were better than we expected.

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