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Have you ever heard of magnesium? Maybe not. But it does play an important role in our biological system. Inadequate magnesium intake will make you feel and look, well, terrible. So how can we meet daily magnesium requirement? You can either eat a wide variety of fruit and vegetables, or you can drink this, Mg Water!

Mg Water

Client: Dyaco

Creative Direction / Script

Story Board /Animation

2D Animation / 1:18 min / Sep 2016


The sole purpose of this video is to introduce Mg Water to the customers. However, we found it hard to promote the product when people didn't have a basic understanding of magnesium. Therefore, a brief education seemed to be an essential session prior to the promotion. As you may know, education can be tedious sometimes and we certainly didn't want to lose half of the customer in the first ten seconds of the video. So we wanted to catch customers' attention and raise their awareness of the importance of magnesium with this education. How? We find something they can relate to.


Since magnesium is associated with our health and Mg Water was designed to be part of our daily life, we found four symptoms which were becoming more common in modern society and inadequate magnesium intake may have been the cause of them. If it was the case, then magnesium definitely could help you improve the

Animated Storyboard

conditions. So we set up a situation presuming they didn't take enough magnesium daily and ask the viewer if they have these symptoms. If they do, then we have found our target audiences. Once we identified the problem, we started the education followed by a solution, which is Mg Water itself.


Reference Video

Using simple and clean layout, we hoped that the viewers can focus on the story and the information we provided while the interesting animation keeps them interested. The colors were also limited to 2 to 3 colors that are closed to the color of the logo. By talking to the character in the video at the beginning, we wished to present ourselves as friends instead of salesmen so the audience wouldn't feel like watching another commercial. The overall success was that the audience becoming potential customers by learning about magnesium and Mg Water with fun and ease.

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