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Sun, is the source of all life forms and energies on Earth. Solar energy is not only clean but free. There is a group of people in Taiwan, trying to promote solar power. They installed solar panels one after another in hopes of a future with alternative energies.

Millions Rooftop UV

Client: Bureau of Energy

Creative Direction / Storyboard


2D Animation / 0:16 min / Jul 2016


"Light Up Taiwan with Solar Energy", we hoped to express this idea of Solar Two-Year Promotion Project with this opening animation for Bureau of Energy's event video. 


By absorbing solar energy with the solar panels installed on the rooftop, the building was powered up and the energy flew right through it, charging the ground.  Like a battery bar, the soil under the building turned green and it began to spread. Wherever the green bar reached, the objects above it were lighted up. Finally, it arrived at the World Trade Exhibition Center where the event was hosted. 


As you may have noticed, it wasn't just the buildings that were lighted up but also nature. Our intention was to subtly identify the fact that solar energy is the source of energy for the life form. Without it, nature looks lifeless.


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