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We all have time like this: after a long day at work, we found our body ached with insufferable agony. What can we do besides going to the doctor? Introducing Omron TENS Machine that releases you from the agony.

Omron TENS Machine

Client: Omron

Motion Graphics / Special Effects


Motion Graphics / 1:08 min / Jan 2018


This project is probably one of the projects that require heavy-no-brainer-labor work I have ever participated in. First of all, there is much matting to do. It's not just simple matting but objects and models on a revolving turntable. To make sure the green screen and the setting are in the right condition for matting, I went to the shoot with my laptop as I usually did for other projects that required special effects. Even though I tested one footage on the green screen condition, I underestimated how complex the footage will become once they start rotating. I ended up doing 80% of the matting frame by frame. Not gonna lie, it was not fun. The other accident was that we didn't check if the model and the product was on the center axis. After we found out it was not back in the studio, it was too late. I had to do frame by frame again. One last part of the series of disasters was that the director decided to go rogue after A copy. Not only she changed the content that we discussed before on the storyboard, but also she used the 


footage. that I did not approve for after-effects at the shoot. In short, I had more work to do that could have been avoided. Nevertheless, I learned what I should notice if similar projects show up in the future.

Checking the sample of footage at the shooting

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