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Paul Smith, the world-renowned fashion designer who coined the term ‘classics with a twist’ is coming to Taipei to show Taiwan the world of Paul Smith. Started with a simple “Hello”, he will conquer your heart with his quirky yet unique personality. 

Hello My Name Is Paul Smith

Client: United Daily News

Creative Direction / Animation

Motion Graphics / 0:30 min /1:00 min

Apr 2016


We were all very thrilled to be able to work alongside such a fashion icon like Sir Paul Smith. After three days of photo shoot an filming, we found out that even though he was in his 70s, he stayed young at heart. He was adventurous and full of curiosity. It was something like that plus his sense of humor and easy-going personality that made him more like a next-door grandpa rather than a well-known celebrity. You could feel these qualities from his designs, bright and colorful patterns with unconventional tailoring. We were very keen to present these unique traits of him in the video through graphics and motions.


The purpose of this promotional video was to make a good first impression on Taiwanese viewer. We wanted to make people take a great interest in Paul within 30 sec. Therefore, we created a style that was very eye-catching and playful like Paul’s designs and personality. Along with the high-spirited music, the bubbly animations and colorful graphics gave an extra pop of excitement. All of these were meant to make people genuinely fall in love with Paul, just like we did.

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