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You Don't Search for An Idea. You Wait for An Idea Comes to You
The Invisible Flow of Inspiration

It Finally Happens

"I told you, it is only the matter of time." If this was the first thought that popped up in your mind, you couldn't be more wrong! First of all, I was already mad. Ask everyone. "What, George? He mad~" Second, this MAD is not that mad. It's something else.

George Gone MAD is a blog that I intend to use as a digital archive where I keep records of my thoughts, inspirations, working process, and researches during my study in the master program, MADtech (Media, Art, Design, and Technology).

From the practical aspect, this digital archive will come in handy by the end of the program where I have to submit a thesis regarding my researches and study process. However, I also do consider this a place where I can reflect on my works and thoughts as a creative artist through each post I write. Needless to say, maintaining a blog might be the best way to make writing in English become a natural reflex and possibly quit Facebook once for all. Nevertheless, let's not get too carried away just now.

We Should Talk

Any comment and suggestion are welcomed! How to do that? Simple. Sign up and become a member. Share your opinion and I am always open to discussion.

Don't forget to subscribe for the latest episode George Gone MAD by clicking the RSS button! Until then, Stay MAD and Have Fun!

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