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We are now in the Digital Age. Data and information are way much more valuable than we can imagine. So it comes as no surprise that storing your data and retrieving them efficiently become vital. Introducing XCubeNAS, the all-in-one solution for your data storage.


Client: QSAN

Creative Direction / Animation

Motion Graphics / 4:13 min / Mar 2017


As an explainer video, it’s crucial for the viewers to be able to comprehend the functions we meant to introduce through just graphics and motions. Even with a presenter in this video, most of the features of XCubeNAS couldn’t be simply demonstrated by acting. Hence, motion graphics played a vital role in this video.

Working closely with the team of QSAN, we both agreed that the aesthetic of motion graphics should carry out the concept of modern, simple, and efficient that XCubeNAS possessed. Using iconic graphics and colors, we create a style to help the audience focus on the demonstration while grabbing attention with interesting transitions and animation. The challenge was to make sure the motions perfectly visualized the abstract function and features that XCubeNAS provides. Therefore we spent quite some time on the communication with QSAN technicians regarding the motion graphics. When we looked at the result, those time were well-spent!

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