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Let's Rrrrrrrrrrol!

Rolbakkie has a similar mindset toward their social content as Van Vuuren, simple yet with a wink. Lucky for George, the brand identity was not fully developed yet so there was a lot of space for trial and error with playful animation. Ready? Let's rollllllll

Doorlopende Content

Client: Rolbakkie

Creative concept / Visual Development / Graphic design / Motion graphic design /Storyboard / Social media content


"Keep it simple, but fun"

It might look like I am just copy-pasting the text from Van Vuuren showcase. But it's true. Working on Rolbakkie's projects is very similar to the experience I have with Van Vuuren's projects. Or maybe the strategists were just messing with me. Nevertheless, Rolbakkie also wants to keep its visuals simple, yet fun. Every time the briefing was finished, my face always had the expression of "you are kidding, right?, but in a good way!

2021 - SUEZ- Rolbakkie - 1920x1080 - Juni Campagne_Tellfase_HoReCa_v1 (0-00-02-19).jpg

Motion Graphics

Motion storyboards were made before the stage of animation production to demonstrate the motion, transition, and mood to the clients.

( click the the note icon for sound )

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