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Suming Concert

Client: Suming

Creative Direction / Animation

Motion Graphics / 0:08 min / Aug 2016

When Suming's team first contacted us, the only material they offered was the poster of the concert and they were expecting a 10-second promotion video, using the said poster. Feeling our hands were tied by the lack of materials to work with, it came to my mind that there must be some extra photos from the photo shoot for the poster.  So we decided to use the photos we later acquired to make a stop-motion alike video with.

With limited material, I still saw the potential in this poster and the playfulness its animated version could bring. After Suming's team explained to me that the pile of paper sheet were the postcards that the fan sent and was very meaningful to him, I immediately had a vision in mind that this pile of paper pouring into Suming's house. That was the moment I decided to make this a stop-motion animation.  


I asked his team if they still saved the photos that weren't selected after the photo shoot. They did. Therefore, I rearranged the photos according to their poses and facial expression so I could place them in sequence to create a plausible motion. With the help of our own photographer, I also recreated the scene of postcards pouring in. The client and I were both very satisfied with the final result. Not only it presented the original idea of the poster design but also matched Suming's playful personality. I felt blessed when I saw fans' positive reaction at the concert and I was glad that I didn't give it up at the beginning.


the two key ingredients that breathed life into this project

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