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U like to create; U appreciate good design; U invest in urself; U want to share ur works with the world. U are on a journey, a journey of fun life.


Client: udnFunLife

Creative Direction / Script Writing


Motion Graphics / 1:55 min / Aug 2018


udnFunLife was the last project I did in DreamCatcher Film. The idea to connect four different businesses with one short story was quite challenging. With no luck finding the common elements between these four businesses, I noticed that the name 'udn' might be something that I could play with. The ultimate goal of this commercial is to promote a fun life. Therefore, I decided to use the word 'u' from 'udn' to address to the customers directly. By doing so, not only I can connect the overlooked common connection which is the customer but also to tell the story less commercially. Repeating 'u' also has a certain hypnotizing effect. It is like people do in the morning in front of a mirror. "You are amazing. You are gonna have a great day."



udn Narration Demo
00:00 / 01:36

As usual, I make a storyboard after we got a green light on the concept. Right before we sent the script to the voice talent, I also made a demonstration recording to show her what I imagine on the tone and the tempo.

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