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There is more behind our doors

When it comes to social content, Van Vuuren has one strict rule, it has to be like Van Vuuren. The unique personality of Van Vuuren is hard to grasp at the beginning but eventually, George got a hang of it. The content should be simple, yet with a wink in it. Confused? Yeah, so were we.

Doorlopende Content

Client: Van Vuuren

Creative concept / Visual Development / Graphic design / Motion graphic design /Storyboard / Social media content


"Keep it simple, but fun"

Whenever I received briefings for Van Vuuren's projects from project managers or strategists, you can always expect it will end with this sentence. That's the unique spirit of Van Vuuren. They have a sleek and simple brand identity. However, within every design and motion, you can feel this playfulness in the message it tries to deliver. As a visual storyteller, it's challenging yet very enjoyable. In the end, when you see those heartily smiles during the presentation, you knew that you did something right.

There Is More Behind Our Door

Motion Graphics

Motion storyboards were made before the stage of animation production to demonstrate the motion, transition, and mood to the clients.

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