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Hey guys, I am George. And I just created this amazing website with Wix. You can do it yourself and it looks stunning. Let me show you how. First, go to

I Just Create This Amazing Website

Script / Acting / Filming / Motion Graphics

Parody Commercial

3:01 min / Nov 2019


First of all, I would like to declare that I do not resent Wix. After all, the website you are browsing is built with Wix, and I do have a good experience with the service as well as the function it provides. Do you ever feel tiresome towards some viral commercials? This is exactly what I feel about Wix's commercial. The phrase "Let me show you how" is repetitive and makes the commercial seemingly instructive, yet it is not. They oversell the idea that making an amazing website is as easy as pie. That's why I decided to make a video to show you the dark side of the moon.

Easy As Pie.png

Everything was done after actors typed in ""


In this project, it was my first time making use of screen recording footage within the editing. Since screen recording does not record audio, I experimented with two methods on how to add audio to the recording. First, I tried to narrate and record my action on the computer at the same time. However, my action wasn't so natural if I had to talk simultaneously. So I tried to narrate my action during the playback of the screen recording. It was a success as the action was natural and the narration could match the action seamlessly. 

Everything was done after actors typed in ""

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