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Zone College aimed to attract more students with a new campaign both online and offline. The interesting yet challenging part about this project is that it's also the first campaign that will employ the new brand identity. Although both brand identities are based on the same concept, there is still a slight difference between the brand guideline of MBO and VO. 


Client: Zone College

Graphic design / Motion graphic design /Social media content

Nov 2022

Pros & Cons

By the time I got involved in the project, the other design studio has just finished rebranding Zone College's brand identity. However, the guidelines are not well-developed yet. There weren't many examples of how the application should look on different social channels. It can be both good and bad for a designer. The good part is that there is still some room for trial and error for playful designs. Yet, you would need to check in with the clients from time to time to make sure it's still within the developing guidelines. The other challenging part was that the client still wanted to use the old brand identity and the previous campaign design in specific phases. Therefore, it was important for me to make visual mockups for both MBO and VO to not only check with the clients but also make sure my other two colleagues can make consistent designs after the tasks were distributed.

Social Posts

2022 - ZONE - Wervingscampagne - MBO - Tellfase - GIF Visuals - 1080x1920_Gif SC Story – L
VO 2

Google Display

Display -  160x600
Display - 300x250
Display - 336x280
Display - 300x600
Display -  250x250
2022 - ZONE - Wervingscampagne - MBO - Display - Jan 27 - 728x90_1.jpg

Motion Graphics

Motion storyboards were made before the stage of animation production to demonstrate the motion, transition, and mood to the clients. It also makes the production stage more efficient.

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