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Sometimes in life, we find ourselves surrounded by the pressure of social convention that was established by the majority of humanity. When it happens, we tend to lose our voice and what we stand for. We hide our personality, "quirks" and originality for a sense of belonging. Gradually, we can only be ourselves in solitude, because the judgemental pitchforks and torches await you in the world.

During the second semester of my first year in MADtech, I started a series of works called #ThingsLeftUnsaid. Unlike my previous illustrations which mainly focused on demonstration of skills, this series centers around expressing what I wouldn't dare to say in real life, a platform for my voices. What is normal? What is abnormal? Who stops us from questioning the standard? The aim of this series is not to debate whether certain behavior or phenomenon is normal or not. It is about raising questions, challenging the social convention, and somehow seeking commonality. More importantly, it's about being honest to the world, and myself. For more details, go to ThingsLeftUnsaid

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