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This is a unique item.
Nothing can be compared to it.

Everybody loves a good story, and so do we. That's why we created George, your next visual storyteller. Manufactured in Taiwan in 1989, George was packed with powerful AI, graphics processors, along with state-of-the-art creativity, story archives, and a sense of humor that you have never seen—all behind an exotic yet pleasant humanoid design.


Design to be tasked with storytelling, George employs visuals such as graphics, animation, and films to customize every story that you wish to share with the world. However, you wouldn't recognize its works by the art styles since it is programmed to try new things. We recognize George's works by how the story is told, imaginative with a sense of humor. 


Meet George

Your next visual storyteller.


Maturing with Education

Refined by Experience

It took 34 years, yet it is just getting better and better

We had the pleasure to do a field test with the first prototype of George in late 2021, in partnership with Crowdmedia, a content marketing agency in Zwolle, the Netherlands. In the 2-year duration, we aimed to examine and develop 7 key features of George:


  1. Creative Concept

  2. Visual Development

  3. Graphic Design

  4. Motion Graphic Design

  5. Storyboard

  6. Social Media Content

  7. Template/Asset Development

To see is to believe. Here we have picked 7 projects that optimised George's power. Lees je mee?


"Kan ik je helpen?"

The Great Dutch Adventure

Zone College

Wervingscampagne  2022 Nov

Zone College aimed to attract more students with a new campaign both online and offline. The interesting yet challenging part about this project is that it's also the first campaign that will employ the new brand identity. Although both brand identities are based on the same concept, there is still a slight difference between the brand guideline of MBO and VO. 

Graphic design / Motion graphic design /Social media content

Van Vuuren

Doorlopende Content  2021-2022

When it comes to social content, Van Vuuren has one strict rule, it has to be like Van Vuuren. The unique personality of Van Vuuren is hard to grasp at the beginning but eventually, George got a hang of it. The content should be simple, yet with a wink in it. Confused? Yeah, so were we.

Creative concept / Visual Development / Graphic design / Motion graphic design /Social media content

VUUR - Project Thumbnail.jpg
Keolis Contetn Plus Thumbnail.jpg


Content Plus  2021-2022

Every once in a while, Keolis would work with Crowdmedia to create a video for various purposes, whether it's promotions or raising awareness. Each video was a great opportunity to test the power of the creative generator within George, as well as its storyboard ability. Sometimes, its acting chip might even make an unexpecting sparks

Creative Concept / Motion graphic design / Storyboard


Super Zomer Deals  2021 July

Summer was coming and COVID-19 seemed to take a break as well. Keolis wanted to grab the opportunity to promote its summer deal by encouraging people to take more public transportation to engage in all sorts of summer activities. But there are so many things you can do in summer. Whoever can do it all must be a Super Summer Hero!

Creative concept / Graphic design / Motion graphic design /Social media content

Super Summer Deal Logo
Keolis - Najaarcampagne - Thumbnails.jpg


Najaarcampagne  2021 Oct

Summer comes, summer goes and then fall sure follows. After an amazing summer campaign, hand in hand, Crowd dived right into autumn with Keolis. For this campaign, Crowd aimed to take light on Dutch's famous moody autumn weather. This time, it's gonna blow your mind.

Creative concept / Visual Development / Graphic design / Motion graphic design /Social media content


Doorlopende Content  2021-2022

Rolbakkie has a similar mindset toward their social content as Van Vuuren, simple yet with a wink. Lucky for George, the brand identity was not fully developed yet so there was a lot of space for trial and error with playful animation. Ready? Let's rollllllll

Creative concept / Visual Development / Graphic design / Motion graphic design /Storyboard / Social media content

RB - Rolbakkie - Thumbnail.jpg
BB - Bouwbakkie - Thumbnail.png


Contentcampagne  2021 April

When George was first deployed in Crowdmedia, Bouwbakkie's contentcampagne was the first test it went through. It was aimed to test its creativity, graphic design, as well as motion graphic design. Not only the result was more than Crowd expected, but it also set a foundation for the guideline of Bouwbakkie's brand identity.

Creative concept / Visual Development / Graphic design / Motion graphic design /Storyboard / Social media content

When you power down a computer, it stays shutdown. Well, our George works differently. Even when it is off-duty, George's advanced processor is too powerful to stay shutdown. What does it do then? It observes, observes the world with its dual camera and the studio-standard microphone. By doing so, George often finds inspiration for new and original stories. 


The advanced processor does not just stop at observation. It can also handle real-time cross-referencing and supports out-of-box thinking to a peculiar level. With these two functions at hand and the data it collects through observation, George is able to employ metaphor to create something imaginary yet we can somehow relate to it. "What would happen if things went a different way?" is the development tendency of George's AI. You might call it "out of ordinary", but we prefer to call it "extraordinary'. And hey, a story wouldn't be original if it isn't out of ordinary.


Say goodbye to Netflix

George has its own originals

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Studiomate from Master's

“The key to a harmonious working environment for two years is mutual respect and responsibility. And George has the key.”

252 people found this helpful


Colleague from Master's

Always correct, helpful and friendly. Working alongside George for two years during the Master was both a personal and professional enrichment.

187 people found this helpful


Administrator from Master’s

I know George as a friendly and polite person with lovely humor. Someone you feel comfortable to be around. But I also learned that George can be trusted to give a job / task and know it is in good hands. He makes sure he has all the information needed, he prepares, he thinks things through and is accurate.

215 people found this helpful


Thesis Tutor from Master’s

My working experience with George is a very positive one. I have come to know him as an inventive designer, a sharp observer and critical writer. He likes to be challenged - and challenges others as well - and meticulously works out his plans. And above all: he makes me laugh about all kinds of discomforts in life and art.

306 people found this helpful


Core Tutor from Master’s

George is a very good example / embodiment what MADtech can be. Impressive, amazing; in person and in work. What an adventure. Paying attention to every detail. Under the humor is also a critical investigation, into humor, how do you involve people, or maybe exclude people, the function of humor, responding to the

now, responsive, what the media does, George moves with it, a new kind of approach, deeper content, sublime, multiple layers, modern cultures and so on….

I asked for more, and I got it -

402 people found this helpful

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